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5 Types of Social Engineering Attacks At the root of many ransomware attacks is the art of social engineering, which involves manipulating a person or persons in order to access corporate systems and private information. Social engineering, widely used in ransomware crimes, plays into human nature’s inclination to trust. For hackers, it is the easiest method for obtaining access to a private system. After all, why...

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Ransomware is a problem on the rise in 2018, one that can affect even the largest businesses. So what is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that affects your computer or network in one of two ways, either to prevent access to said device, or threaten to release potentially sensitive information to public. That is, unless you pay the ransom, which does not guarantee...

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With all the large data breaches lately, you might be wondering how it would ever be possible to create a password good enough to secure your data. With every new account requiring more numbers, symbols, and capitals, it can get even more overwhelming to create a secure password. Particularly one that’s easily remembered. Thankfully there are a couple of methods that solve all of these...

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